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Watching pornstars fucking is great but sometimes you want to see real people fucking and Melanie knows just the type of video you want - Real Brit Amateurs!

Melanies Amateurs Videos

Melanie certainly has a knack for getting strangers to fuck on camera for her and just like in her swingers films these amateurs aren't wannabe porn stars, they are ordinary folk who just love fucking & sucking and really enjoy getting off in front of Mels camera. It just goes to show that British is certainly BEST when it comes to amateurs doing what comes naturally - AMATEUR SEX! / Melanie's DVDs

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The films wont magically appear on your computer, sorry we're not quite that technically advanced yet, but you really are only a few clicks away from being able to sit back, get your cock out and have a wank while watching these horny housewives getting fucked for your viewing pleasure!

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