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Melanies Videos Streaming Rentals

So what does streaming videos mean?

Well if you want to watch one of Melanies Videos, or any of the other adult films available, you can opt for the streaming rental choice where you get to watch the film almost immediately and then as many times as you want for up to 48 hours!

Check out the benefits of streaming adult movies:

  • No downloads - by streaming it onto your PC or laptop you can watch the film as it is being transmitted, the only delay is a small buffering period to get it started
  • Choice of speed - your broadband/internet connection will determine the speed the streaming can take place at but the system does allow a connection as slow as 56k but films will obviously stream faster and better with higher broadband
  • Player format - most films are available in either Realplayer or Windows Media Player and no other software is needed to you should already be set for getting the films streamed to you
  • No membership - you don't have to join anything, just simply create your onlne account but there are no membership fees you just pay for the films you watch
  • Cost - movies cost around £4.95 for the 2 day period so it is no more expensive than hiring a DVD from your local Blockbuster and you don't need to leave the house to get them
  • Payments - your credit card is debited when you get to the checkout and shown on your statment as - also try streaming porn videos

So you should now know all you need to know about streaming films so click the 'watch now' button above to be taken to the Melanies Movies section!
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