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Whether you are new to the swingers lifestyle or you're already swinging but want to make some new swingers contacts, we can put you in touch with couples, singles and groups today! - or watch Melanies DVDs

Swinging is more than just having sex with strangers and just because someone is a swinger it doesn't mean that they are a hardened sex addict, there are different types of swingers and below are some examples:

  • Soft Swing - Very often the way people start swinging, where foreplay amongst participants is quite free but no actual penitrative sex takes place, except maybe between actual couples.
  • Full Swing - this is where penitrative sex can take place with couples completely swapping partners or a third person if single males/females are involved. This can then be broken down to:
    • Same Room Sex - swapped partners stay in the same room so that they can be watched by other participants or so they feel safe with their own partner there
    • Different Room Sex -sexual activities take place with the new swinging partner in a different room to their usual partner/spouse
  • Threesomes - Many couples look for a single swinger to join them for a 3some and there are two general types:
    • FMF - where the swingers / female is bisexual a single female is the third person for some girl-on-girl action, sometimes the male also has sex with her but this is down to the individuals to agree upon, otherwise he may just watch and be allowed some play with his own partner/wife
    • MMF - this can be one of two senarios, firstly a single straight guy is invited to join in and both males will have sex with the female (possibly at the same time) or less commonly a bisexual guy is requested so that not only the female partner has his attention but also the male partner/husband as well

Swingers come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and lifestyles but they have one thing in common - a liberal & safe attitude to sex and the enjoyment of fulfilling sexual fantasies, giving & receiving pleasure from different sex partners. Below are some commonly categorised swinger genres:

  • Wife Swapping Couples
  • Singles for Fuck Buddies
  • Swingers Party Groups
  • BBWs & FAs
  • TVs / TGs / CDs
  • Local Sex Contacts

Swinging is not for everyone so watch swingers DVDs first and use the online chat rooms and forums to ask questions and find out from existing swingers exactly what it is like and remember you cannot force your partner to like it or want to join in so think carefully before you take the plunge!

Swingers are just adults who enjoy having a sexual relationship with other like-minded adults in a safe and fun way! Site Map / photos