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What's involved with video downloads / VOD?

Watching Melanie's videos or any other adult porn movies is easy with a VOD (video on demand) download, by hiring the film for up to 30 days you simply download to your computer and then watch it at full screen as oftern as you like!

Check out the benefits of downloading adult movies:

  • Download time - downloading adult movies really depends on the speed of your internet connection and the length of the film but certainly much faster than waiting for a adult DVD
  • Quality - with video download you get DVD quality and you can play the films at full screen size so no matter what size monitor you have you get the same fantastic quality
  • Format - to play back the movies you need to have Windows Media Player but you'll probably already have this installed
  • Hire time - you choose via your account the length of the rental period, either 7 or 30 days and should you accidentally delete the films from your computer you can just download it again as long as you still have time left
  • Price - this depends on how long you rent it for and the film title you choose, but prices start from £4.95 for 7 days and £9.95 for 30 days, plus there are no membership fees involved and all that shows on your credit card statement is Download Adult Movies

Now you know all you there is to know about downloading films to hire so click the 'watch now' button to go to the Melanies Video download section!
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